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About Us

Cevval Textile Group, which has been producing girls 'clothing with the CEVVAL and ELAYZA brands since 1995, has achieved an assertive breakthrough in boys' clothing by incorporating the CEVVAL MİNİMEN brand since 2014 and expanded its production range with the CEVVAL MINIGIRLS brand in 2016.

The children’s health is a priority to us. Therefore, in the weaving and knitting group, we produce healthy and stylish clothes from cotton-weighted fabrics in accordance with current fashion trends. Our products reach all over the world, especially the EU countries, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Russia, Central Asia, North Africa, through our direct sales or wholesalers.

Our Main Product Groups:

3-piece suits with coats, vests, jackets and raincoats for boys 1-5-year-old
3-piece suits with a cardigan, sweater and jumper for boys 1-5-year-old
2-piece suits with shirts, combed cotton, t-shirt and polo shirts for boys 1-5-year-old
Miniboy pinafore dresses for 9-24 month girls
Pinafore dresses for 1-12-year-old girls
2-piece sets with blouses for 1-12-year-old girls
3-piece suits with blouses and jackets for 1-4-year-old girls
School shirts for 5-12-year-old girls

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