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Cevval Tekstil, which brings together the fashion trends that can change at any time with the understanding of quality and service that has not changed since yesterday, has been the determinant and decisive, not the follower of fashion.
With Elayza, CEVVAL, MINIGIRLS and CEVVAL MINIMEN brands, operating in baby and children's clothing, all product groups with high quality, original design, reasonable price standards reached a wide audience in a short time and became a leading company in the sector.

Our adventure, which started with manufacturing and wholesale in the women's clothing sector towards the end of the 1980s, continued in the children's clothing sector with Ilayda Kids Club in the early 2000s. Cevval textile, which registered the elayza and Cevval brands in the following years, continues to manufacture skirts, gilets, shirts, and tunics for girls aged 1-12 years. Our company, which started production in the boys 'group with the Cevval Minimen brand in 2015, has taken an important place in the sector with its original style and designs with 1-5 age boys' 2s 3s combed, shirt, shorts, jacket, vest, jacket tool products.

The satisfaction of our customers is essential: Cevval textile is based on the satisfaction of its customers and consumers. From the beginning to the end, the main thing for us in all processes is to capture maximum satisfaction. Based on this idea, in order to satisfy our customers, we strive to provide the products they want with the quality they want and the conditions they want.

Our employees are entrusted to us: it is our priority to ensure that they perform their duties happily and peacefully in an environment full of peace and trust, away from daily concerns. We ensure both the satisfaction of our employees and the goal of using the labor force in the most efficient way.

Your children are our most precious treasure: their happiness will make us happy too. The smile on their faces when they wear one of our products will always carry us forward, into a more beautiful tomorrow.

Human First:
Cevval textile, in all its activities, provides human values. We produce the healthiest products for our children in the healthiest environments.
Trading Trust:
Cevval textile continues its activities with the understanding of commercial ethics, which brings the concepts of honesty and trust to the forefront on the basis of universal moral principles.
Quality In Production:
Cevval textile always stands behind its products with its brand value. Aware of the responsibility of each product it produces, we work to offer you the best.

Cevval Tekstil aims to become a world brand with the brands and added values it produces, as well as being the leading company in its sector with the quality of its products. It is our ultimate goal to carry our people to the place where they are worthy by offering new brands and employment areas to our country with continuous growth momentum.

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